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Face-reduction meridian massage

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Face-reduction meridian massage

What is the cause of facial asymmetry?

Facial imbalance (asymmetry) can generally vary depending on pelvic distortion, jaw joint deformation, circulation problems in the posterior part of the face, development status of the masticatory and buccinator muscles of the lwoer joints, or poor eating habits and lifestyle. In particular, the habit of cupping one’s chin frequently and chewing food only on one side easily breaks the balance of the face shape. The problem of imbalance leads to imbalance of the pelvis as well as the face. This can be the main cause of deformation to the vertebrae and neck bones, and can also be a problem with the bowed leg or bent leg due to the deformation of the knee joint. This can be a major cause of facial asymmetry due to deformation of the upper and lower body areas.

Management type

Treatment type by facial type

Before & After Clinic manages facial asymmetry as well as twisted body balance.

Small face treatment

Make a pretty face shape with face contour

Long face treatment

Reduce the length of the face by giving elasticity to the facial muscles and reducing the cheek area

Cheekbone treatment

Manage cheekbones and surrounding muscles in a smooth and comfortable face overall

Square jaw treatment

Take care of a square jaw that overly stands out with the development of the lower jaw (underjar) and surrounding muscles.

Face balance treatment

Manage the overall balance of a distorted facial contour

These treatments are more effective when performed with PLS, a lipolysis injection that corrects facial lines, and laser procedure of Ulthera, Thermage, Shurink, and Fraxel, and Silhouette soft that helps face lifting.

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