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Wedding Care Program

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Wedding Care Program

About Wedding Care Program

The most important day of my life! Be the most beautiful bride in your dreams with Before & After Clinic!

A personalized wedding special care program where you can choose from head to foot, without having to go anywhere!


Advantages of Wedding Care Program

Gyuri Han’s image making

Dermatologist’s 1: 1 diagnosis and treatment

Whitening care


Deep cleansing, ASA peeling, Whitening & Regenerating pack, collagen pack for vitamin care

Time : 90 minutes

ASA peeling

It dissolves the stratum corneum and wastes without damaging the skin. It is a method that improves wrinkles, strengthens elasticity, offers whitening effect and makes your skin clear.

Oxygen peeling

The AHC combination provides a peeling effect and oxygen supply. And the whitening action of vitamin C provides skin improvement and whitening management at the same time.

IPL procedure

ECLAT®, a recently developed phototherapy device, is a device that can safely access superficial pigmented lesion treatments such as freckle, sun spot and blemish from side effects such as hypopigmentation and PIH, which were the limit of conventional laser toning.

Moisturizing, sensitivity care


Cleansing, Cell vital management, Intensive management moisturizing pack by skin type

Time : 90 minutes

Stem cell management

The lyophilized powder of stem cell culture is mixed with solution ampoule and used for skin and scalp management by laser or MTS (Microneedle Therapy System).


It is an injection procedure that moisturizes dry skin or skin with no elasticity by using hyaluronic acid, which is the main component of Restylane filler.


It acts to inhibit and remove the occurrence of active oxygen of the skin, strengthening the barrier between the skin and helping the skin to have a natural glow.

Elasticity care


Cleansing mask pack, High frequency treatment, face meridian massage, elasticity ampoule, CRY-O

Time : 90 minutes

HIFU for high frequency treatment

It is a facial high frequency equipment for facial care that maximizes heat energy acting on the dermis layer and is effective for facial lifting and wrinkle improvement.

Ulthera, Shurink

It is an equipment that concentrates ultrasound in one place with HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound System) to generate collagen.


E-MAX laser has a wide range of applications, including improvement of acne bacteria, sebum control, and pore reduction, pigmentation, wrinkles, and skin elasticity.

Contour care


Square Botox or Facial contour injection or Silhouette soft or Contour dermotoxin injection


It is a procedure that dissolves fat by using a storage solution called PLS (Hypotonic Pharmacologic Lipo-dissolusion Solution) and enhancing fat decomposition and circulation. It is injected in cheeks, cheekbones, jaws, etc. to make V-line.

Silhouette soft

Silhouette soft is a non-invasive facial contour volume procedure using a special medical thread with a PLA component that is degraded in the body. It is a procedure that can remodel the face with immediate volume and lifting effects by reconstructing the skin layer by putting the cone-shaped thread on the saggy skin.


It is a procedure that injects Botulinum Toxin into the dermis to improve the elasticity and wrinkles of the whole face. It improves lifting, pigmentation, elasticity, wrinkles, pores and scars.

Acne care


Cleansing, acne extrusion, sebum suction, soothing mask pack, acne ampoule, modeling or backbell

Time : 90 minutes


It stands for Photopneumatic Therapy, which pulls the skin through the air pressure and uses light energy. This treatment is effective for acne, various skin diseases, lifting, and hair removal.


It uses a principle of selective destruction of porphyrin and sebum, which causes acne, by applying light-sensitive photoreceptors (Photosensitizer) to the lesions and examining the light sources of specific wavelengths. This is a procedure that prevents the recurrence of acne without taking medication.

Coombs peeling or ASA peeling

Coombs peeing is a mixture of salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol, and is a type of skin scaling.

Body care


Full-body adipo care, meridian massage

Time : 90 minutes


Adipo7000 maximizes elasticity and body shape correction by helping to multiply strong and stable cellulite and collagen growth in the dermal layer.

Body line care

Dissolution injection by body parts such as thighs, legs, abdomen, etc. + Meridian massage


Botox by body parts such as calf, trapezius, etc.

Removing accessory breasts

Back and chest skin care

Peeling (ASA peeling/Coombs peeling) + Acne care + Whitening care

Armpit hair removal, whitening care

1:1 PT full-body massage, full-body care including exercise


Solution for the bride

Moist and clcear skin

ASA peeling, hydrolifting, derma solution (Hy Injection moisturizing growth factor+Stem cells), Glutathione

Wrinkle OUT! Pore OUT! Youthful skin

Fraxel Xena, MTS, PRP, PDRN

Bright and radiant skin

Whitening aesthetic treatment, ASA peeling, O2 peeling, IPL, Glutathione

Acne OUT, healthy skin

PDT laser, F+P+S, E-MAX for sensitive aesthetic treatment, Coombs peeling

Elastic skin with clear facial contours

Ulthera, Thermage, Shurink, Silhouette soft, high frequency treatment, VPLS, dermatoxin, botox, filler

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