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FACE lifting

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s FACE lifting

Silhouette soft

Silhouette soft is a non-surgical procedure for facial contour volume using a special medical thread of PLA components that are decomposed in the body. It is a procedure to reconstruct the skin layer by adding a cone-shaped thread to the sagging skin. This allows face re-modeling with immediate volumetric and lifting effects.


Why Silhouette soft?

This is the only procedure in which the cone-shaped component and a glycolic copolymer component produce collagen in the body.
This procedure produces the best collagen by inducing collagen production in the body.

Maintenance period | Combination of patented cone and thread: One year and six months

Face remodeling procedure

Customized face remodeling procedure with simultaneous volume and lifting

Patented cone technology and PLA components that promote collagen production provide customized facial lines.



Common thread lifting materials

The pigment is absorbed in the body after treatment

Silhouette soft

The product is transparent, there is no pigment.


A long-lasting effect

In vivo hydrolysis comparison

Main material of Thread Decomposition observation
PLA Absorption was not observed until 12 weeks
PDO (Common thread material) 50% absorption within 8 weeks

Remodeling procedure

True 4th generation face remodeling procedure

1st generation 2st generation 3st generation 3-1st generation 4st generation
Shape Thin thread without bump Whirlwind-shaped thread Cutting thread without bump Molding thread with 360 degree fixed bump Bidirectional non-fixed soft cone
Feature It is a well known thread lifting which is good for improving skin elasticity. A whirlwind-shaped thread provides a flexible lifting effect. A thicker, more bumpy thread allows for more strong lifting effect. Like the thorns of a rose, the bump is at 360 degrees, so the pulling force is strong and the duration is long. Cone at 360 degrees holds strongly and has longer duration due to collagen production.
Effect Fine wrinkles improvement Fine wrinkles improvement V line lifting V line lifting V line lifting, Volume increase, Collagen production (regeneration / elasticity), Facial contour correction
Lifting strength

Customized face remodeling procedure [Silhouette soft]


1. Excellent skin strength

2. Low skin irritation

3. Immediate volume effect

General thread lifting

The bumps fixed to the thread can cause neural stimulation or unnaturalness when you change your facial expression.

Silhouette soft

As the cone can move between the knot and the knot during the procedure, it is positioned at the most optimized skin position after the procedure, so when the facial expression changes, there is no neural stimulation and a natural facial expression appears.

Cone at 360 degrees shows high skin strength.
Cone with soft surface has less skin irritation and less pain and bruises.


How is it different from existing thread lifting?

The components of the product produce collagen in the body, so the natural effect lasts for a long time (1 year 6 months).
Traditional thread lifting has only a pull function. However, the Silhouette soft pulls and tightens skin tissues depending on the individual’s facial structure, and it allows saggy skin due to aging to be replaced in its 20s and remodeled into new faces.
The patented cone-shaped cone moves at regular intervals, so it is more natural and painless than traditional lifting procedures when changing facial expressions.
The thickness of the thread is thin and soft, so there is less sense of foreign body in the skin.
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