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Lipokit·Stem cell fat grafting

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Lipokit·Stem cell fat grafting

What is Lipokit·Stem cell fat grafting?

It is a procedure that uses the equipment for precise micro-liposuction to collect only the good quality fat from the area where the fat is accumulated and transplant it to the required areas. Before & After Clinic uses stem cells to perform high engraftment of fat transplantation.


Advantages of Lipokit·Stem cell fat grafting

Control damage to fat cells by inhaling fat at proper pressure

Completely separate pure fat from impurities

Decrease the absorption of fat cells or the formation of clumps

Low swelling and fast recovery time

High engraftment rate

Treatment region

Treatment region of Lipokit·Stem cell fat grafting

Saggy breast, flat bottom

Wrinkled face with reduced elasticity

Short chin, flat forehead, thin lips

Sunken cheeks, smile lines

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