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Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Acne Clinic

About Acne

Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. This is common in adolescents and young age groups, and the causes of acne include hormones, family history, and environmental factors.


Causes of Acne


When a male hormone called Androgen stimulates the sebaceous glands, the sebum blocks the entry of the hair follicle along with sweat, dust and so on, causing inflammation and comedone, a characteristic of acne.

Family history

There is a possibility of acne in your child due to genetic factors.

Environmental factor

Cosmetics, medications, oils and strong ultraviolet rays tend to cause acne.

In addition, oil, wax, and other chemicals touched by metal and machine technicians also cause acne.

Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Once acne is cured, there are red marks, brown pigmentation, and acne scarring. An acne scar refers to the surface of the skin that is depressed or raised around its normal skin after acne treatment. The scar is caused by a dent in the skin as part of the skin falls off while it is badly strained. If you touch or squeeze the acne incorrectly during the inflammatory stage, the scar will remain. Once you have a scar, it is hard to get rid of and it doesn’t look good.

Treatment of Acne


1. Coombs peeling

– Four effects of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, peeling and sebum secretion reduction
– Rapid inflammatory reduction effect
– Immediate return to daily life after the procedure
– Excellent acne treatment effect with only one treatment

2. Fraxel Xena

– New skin formation, collagen regeneration and activation
– Excellent effect on pores, pigments and acne scars
– Optimized laser for individual skin characteristics

3. Dual Cell

It effectively transfers heat energy to the desired areas of the epidermis and dermis with micro needs RF systems in two ways: needle and non-needle.
All kinds of acne and pores can be treated at the same time.

– Accurate procedure and less pain with fast needling to the desired depth
– Superior regeneration effect on wide pores and inflammatory acne scars
– Elasticity increase and wrinkle reduction due to new collagen generation
– Shower and make-up immediately after procedure

You can also improve acne through skin care for acne, prescription for local treatment and oral treatment, and lesion injection therapy.

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