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Freckle·Sun spot·Blemish

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Freckle, Sun spot, Blemish Clinic

About Freckles

Freckle is an acquired disease in which melanin pigments are excessively deposited on the skin, which appears symmetrically to the face. It is especially common around cheekbones, which are heavily exposed to ultraviolet rays, and usually occurs in women after their 30s. The darker the skin, the darker it becomes, and the worse it becomes in spring and summer when sunlight exposure is severe, and it becomes lighter in autumn and winter.


Cause of freckle

Ultraviolet rays, genetic factors, pregnancy, ovarian tumor, endocrine disease, liver dysfunction, stress, abuse and misuse of cosmetics and medicines


Types of freckle

Epidermal freckle

Freckle deposits shallowly on the skin surface

Dermal freckle

Freckle deposits deeply on the deep dermis

Mixed freckle

Mixed type of epidermis and dermis

Age spot

It is an aging pigmented skin disease which is likely to be caused by continuous ultraviolet rays exposure. This is due to aging of the skin, which causes the epidermis to become excessively thick and pigmented, appearing as a rough, flat, rounded brown shape.


It is caused by sudden exposure to ultraviolet rays or by suffering from dermatitis, folliculitis, trauma, etc.

Sun spot

It is a pigment disorder in which egg-like spots occur in the face, neck, shoulder, and sun exposure areas, resulting in pigment distribution in the skin’s surface layer. Generally, it occurs in the elementary school age group and increases through puberty, mainly in the 10 to 20 year old women. Sun spots are inherited and are generally formed well on skin that is either white or vulnerable to sunburn. Particularly, ultraviolet rays stimulate melanocytes in skin and exacerbate sun spot, so prevention of ultraviolet rays is very important.


Treatment of Freckle, Sun spot, Blemish

Before & After Clinic improves the symptoms of various skin conditions such as freckle, blemish, sun spot, age spot, etc. by using many methods such as IPL laser, mesotherapy, vital ionto, ion-zyme, etc. in combination with various peeling treatment.

What is ECLAT ST?


What is ECLAT ST?

ECLAT®, a recently developed phototherapy device, is a device that can safely access superficial pigmented lesion treatments such as freckle, sun spot and blemish from side effects such as hypopigmentation and PIH, which were the limit of conventional laser toning.

Feature of ECLAT ST

It is effective for blemish lesions, which were previously difficult to treat.

There are fewer side effects in treatment than conventional lasers.

The flushing period is short after the procedure.

There is little pain.

Immediate return to daily life.

Application symptoms of ECLAT ST

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