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Scalp·Hair Clinic

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Scalp & Hair Clinic

About Scalp & Hair Clinic


Types of Scalp & Hair Clinic

Scalp scaling

This is the process of removing waste such as aging keratin, sebum secretion, and air pollutants from the scalp.

Scalp massage

It relieves rigid scalp, neck, and shoulders, promotes lymphatic circulation, and facilitates blood circulation and oxygen supply.

Applying special solution

When applying the nutrient solution to the scalp, the steamer treatment is performed in parallel to facilitate the supply of water and absorption of the special solution.

RF high frequency procedure

This is a step that improves the scalp tissue function, strengthens the hair follicle, promotes blood circulation, and disinfects it using deep heat.

Oxygen Jet therapy

It uses oxygen wagons to supply and penetrate oxygen and ampoules to open pores through scaling and packs to promote hair growth.

DTS (Disk Needle Theraphy System)

This is a method to maximize the absorption of hair promoting drugs through vibrations after the needle of a fine roller penetrates the skin.

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment

It is a treatment that extracts the autologous blood, extracts the promoting factors of scalp and hair regeneration, and injects directly to the scalp.

PT88 solution injection

In the case of partial hair loss or total hair loss, directly inject a PT88 solution into the scalp, a special drug that maximizes hair growth factor stimulation. It has an excellent effect on hair regeneration.

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