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Adipo Care(Adipo-7000D)

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Adipo Care

About Adipo-7000D

Through strong Water DCS (Dermal Cooling System), adipo care keeps skin surfaces cold and generates more than 42°C of heat in the deep fat layer, helping to remove cellulite and develop collagen in the dermal layer to maximize the effects of skin elasticity and body shape correction.

Therapeutic effect

Adipo-7000D Therapeutic effect

Increased fluid movement reduces edema throughout the body and improves symptoms of swelling the lower extremities, hands and feet.

Facial function helps to improve facial edema and double chin.

It relieves muscle contractions and reduces pain.

It penetrates deeper than normal high frequencies and causes deep heat about 42°C inside the body to remove subcutaneous and internal fat.

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