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Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Endermologie

About Endermologie

Before & After Clinic’s endermologie equipment (3Max) combines ultrasound cavitation, multipolar high frequency, and suction. Various hand-pieces suitable for the area can transfer heat energy quickly and safely to the target area for a higher effect.


Technology of Endermologie 3Max

Ultrasonic Cavitation

– Continuous transfer of 36KHz of safe ultrasonic energy
– Ultrasonic energy transfer in a non-invasive way
– Adjustable cavitation level from 1 to 10
– Four cavitation modes available
– Downtime is short, enabling quick return to daily life

Multi-Polar & Bi-Plar RF

– Transmit RF energy in a non-invasive way to generate deep heat
– Adjustable RF level from 1 to 10
– Various sizes of hand-pieces allow for delicate treatment of different areas
– Simultaneously available with suction function

Suction Technology

– Suction technology for expanding the treatment area and for correct adhesion
– Adjustable suction level from 1 to 5
– Four suction pulse modes available


Advantage of Endermologie 3Max

A . Body Applicator

The optimized RF suction system is capable of 1Mhz multi-polar RF/vacuum/red LED phototherapy. There are four types of powerful vibration features for complete and safe treatment without pain.

B . Cavitation Applicator

The powerful cavitation function of the dual generator utilizes a stable and effective 36KHz energy. This results in long-term fat reduction in the deep fat layer, without pain in a short period of time.

C . Face Applicator

2Mhz bipolar RF/Vacuum specialized bi-polar facial applicator utilizes the powerful vibration function of special pneumatic suction system. It improves the wrinkles around the eyes and neck and also helps discharge waste.

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