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Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Liposuction

About Liposuction

Before & After Clinic’s laser liposuction solves problem of obesity in the abdomen, back, waist, calf and arms that aerobic exercise alone can’t solve alone.


Liposuction site

Thigh liposuction

Two or three incisions are made, but it is performed at the site where the scar can be minimized, and 500 ~ 2000cc of fat is sucked per side. It is usually performed with hip liposuction, but it is possible to obtain a sufficient effect only by performing the thigh alone. It is important not only to suck only the local thigh fat, but also to connect the hips, thighs, and knee lines naturally to form an overall harmony.

Abdominal and flank liposuction

The abdomen and sides are areas where you don’t lose weight as you get older, but because they have a lot of fat in them, the effect of liposuction is great. During the procedure, a 2mm incision is made on the navel and upper pubic bone. Liposuction of about 1000cc ~ 3000cc is possible, and it may have a waist circumference reduction of 2 to 4 inches. It is important to evenly suck deep and shallow layers when performing abdominal liposuction.

Arm liposuction

The arms are thin-skinned and nerves and blood vessels are located close to the skin, so careful attention is needed during the procedure. During the procedure, the incision is made mainly toward the elbow, minimizing scarring. And depending on the degree of fat accumulation, Liposuction of about 300 to 700cc is possible. In the case of the arm, it is caused by the change of fat cell size caused by sagging or drooping. So arm liposuction can be effective.

Back liposuction

The back has a thick skin and has a lot of fiber in the subcutaneous fat, which makes it difficult to perform a procedure. If the flesh protrudes around the underwear line, it has a bad influence on the body line. In generall, it is not shown well, but when wearing a bikini or wedding dress, it can be noticeable. Because it can also appear in the skinny body shape, it is necessary to have liposuction for a beautiful body line.

Hip liposuction

Hip liposuction can make a successful hip line by distinguishing whether the large hip is caused by the accumulation of fat or by the size of the pelvis. Before & After Clinic’s laser liposuction is mainly done on the outside. Usually, 500cc ~ 2000cc of fat is sucked per side, and there is no worry about sinking of the bottom or sagging because individual pressure dressing and ultrasonic treatment are performed after procedure.

Calf liposuction

The calf is the part where you can’t lose weight easily no matter how hard you try. This is because the fat layer is relatively thin and muscular compared to other areas. Before & After Clinic liposuction accurately identifies the cause of calf obesity and sucks fat by selecting only the areas of obesity caused by fat accumulation. It also seamlessly changes the muscle’s bumpy lines with the aid of acupressure massage, high frequency, ultrasound and external lasers after procedure.

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