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Magic Line Care

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Magic Line

About Magic line

Magic line uses a special level frequency to generate biothermal energy from the deep part of the skin with bio energy. This deep heat causes the metabolism of the body to proceed smoothly and it helps break down fat to help discharge fat and body wastes. Also, the magic line also enables faster and easier skin elasticity and ideal obesity management with bi-polar systems and suction (decompression) functions.


Advantages of Magic Line

Easy to use without ground pad and a simple procedure

Safely manage without spark

Stable heat

Fat decomposition and skin elasticity care at the same time


Advantages of Magic Line

Produce collagen and elastin to inhibit aging

Increase fat decomposition and the natural healing power of organ tissues

Prevent aging of muscle and skin cells and relieve pain

Promote discharge of wastes through purification of blood and lymph

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