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PLS fat dissolving injection

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s PLS fat dissolving injection

About PLS

PLS (Hypotonic Pharmacologic Lipo-dissolusion Solution) is a procedure that dissolves fat by injecting a mixture of hypotonic pharmacologic that enhances fat decomposition and circulation. This is a non-surgical injection treatment, where melted fat is absorbed into the body’s blood vessels or lymph nodes and caught in the kidneys and discharged into the urine. PLS fat dissolving injection, used as pharmacologic, is a special combination drug that destroys fat cells, as announced by S.M.HOEFFLIN, a UCLA plastic surgery professor in the UCLA. Before & After Clinic uses it in parallel with 3Mhz ultrasound treatment that dissolves fat. This is better suited for large amounts of liposuction as a way to reduce the number of fat cells more effectively than conventional liposuction injections that reduce only the volume of fat, and has little disruption to daily life after treatment.


Type of PLS fat dissolving injection


Advantages of PLS fat dissolving injection

Immediate effect with a single procedure

Reduce the fiber bands that make up cellulite

Selectively reduce fat in required areas (local area)

Minimize unevenness of surfaces caused by fat forming

Seamless blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

Increase skin elasticity

Equipment used for treatment



Dermawave with FDA approval! Dermawave increases elasticity by effectively delivering drugs to the subcutaneous layer without needles and improves wrinkles. It generates strong deep heat to decompose fat, diagnose the condition of the individual and provide a high frequency program to match it.


It uses impedance method to quickly analyze body mass index, body fat, body fat percentage, and basal metabolism. It provides a guide for obesity treatment through accurate obesity and body composition analysis.

Treatment site

Treatment area

Face, arm, accessory breast, abdomen, side, bottom, thighs, calves, etc.

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