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Facial skin renewal program

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Facial skin renewal program

Facial skin renewal program



Ulthera is effective for lifting and wrinkle improvement, and it is most effective for contouring saggy face lines.



The high-frequency energy of Thermage causes denaturation and contraction of collagen fibers, which is effective for regenerating collagen and improving wrinkles.


Fraxel Xena

It is the only product approved by the FDA for acne scar, pore treatment, surgical scar, freckle treatment and skin regeneration laser. This is a procedure that penetrates heat into the epidermis and dermis through thousands of fine spots, thereby removing freckle and blemish and improving skin regeneration and elasticity.

PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma)

It is a treatment that centrifuges and extracts platelets from your own blood and injects them with plasma. The various growth factors in the platelets are very effective in wound healing and skin regeneration.


It is a substance extracted from salmon which is the most similar to the human base composition and makes the skin healthy. It also has excellent ability to restore damaged skin tissue from external stimuli, making it suitable for wound treatment or post-procedure treatment.


STS(stamp therapy system)

It is a stamped form with many micro-needles on it. The needle stimulates the skin directly, increasing the skin absorption rate of the drug and helping to regenerate the skin.

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