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Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Glutathione2X

Effect of Glutathione

Whitening & Antioxidation & Melanin production inhibition

According to Professor Lester Packer, a leading researcher in antioxidant research in United States, the concept of ‘antioxidant network’ suggests that various antioxidant components are converted into toxins and attack cells after the task of protecting cells from active oxygen is over. At this time, other antioxidants interact and engage organically so that the antioxidants do not turn into toxins. This is called an ‘antioxidant network’.

Antioxidant function

Antioxidant function

The antioxidant function of glutathione maintains a constant antioxidant environment called ‘thiol group’, and uses this thiol group to reduce and eliminate active oxygen.

Antioxidative effect

Antioxidative effect

Toxicant detoxification

Whitening effect

Immunity enhancement

Skin improvement effect


1. Skin beauty effect

It inhibits melanin in melanocytes and the formation of freckle and blemish. Glutathione is also known as a powerful antioxidant that the human body can make. It has a stronger antioxidant power than vitamins and helps to make clear and transparent skin.

2. Prevention of skin aging

Glutathione is widely distributed in the liver and skin where the active oxygen is mainly produced. Ultraviolet rays, which have a bad effect on the skin, are also a major cause of active oxygen. When the concentration of glutathione increases, melanin pigment is removed, the skin becomes clear, and skin aging is improved such as prevention of wrinkles.

Improvement in physical function


Physical metabolic control

Glutathione helps improve homeostasis and metabolic functions through reactions such as bonding and reducing with other components.

Liver function improvement, detoxification

Glutathione is involved in improving liver function and producing detoxification enzymes. Lower blood glutathione levels can cause liver damage or liver disease. Due to this characteristic of glutathione, it is used as a special medicine for improving liver function.

Eye health

Glutathione is present in large amounts in the lens of the eye and in the cornea, and when it is deficient, it causes corneal diseases such as cataracts. The normal level of glutathione blocks cataracts or slows down progress.

Prevention of dementia

Parkinson’s disease patients have lower levels of glutathione in the brain than in the general population. The glutathione components remove oxidative stress associated with damage to brain tissue, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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