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PRP Injection

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s PRP Injection

About Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is autologous blood skin regeneration procedure called blood-injection. The platelets, one of the blood components, contain various growth factors, which play an important role in wound healing and skin regeneration. PRP is a plasma component in which platelets extracted by centrifuging their own blood are condensed to a high concentration.

PRP Effect

Effect of PRP

Acne, acne scar treatment

The growth factor is activated to reduce the occurrence of acne and produce collagen and elastin. It is very good for acne regeneration as well as acne itself.

Skin regeneration effect

When the growth factor is injected into the skin that is fatigued and aged, the skin regenerative cells are activated and transformed into the youthful skin.

Lifting effect

The activated platelet growth factor increases the elastic fiber, which increases the elasticity of the skin, resulting in a lifting effect.

Volume increase, wrinkle improvement

Use platelet gel to fill under the eyes, cheeks, middle of the forehead, and areas that are sunk. It also improves cell engraftment and improves wrinkles.

Dermatological Indications of PRP


1. Whitening treatment

Blemish, freckle, acne scar, pigmentation

2. Elasticity improvement

Smile lines, creases around the eyes and mouth, forehead lines

3. Scar treatment

Pore ​​shrinkage, acne marks, burn scars

4. Others

Stretch mark, saggy skin, eye circles

To achieve synergistic effects of scar regeneration and skin elasticity, it is recommended to use PRP autologous blood skin regeneration procedure, skin elasticity laser (E-Max) and skin regeneration laser (Fraxel Xena). In the case of PRP injection and laser treatment, it is a skin regeneration procedure in which platelets heal wounds by applying or injecting separated PRP to the damaged area after damaging the skin using laser treatment that promotes skin regeneration.

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