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Stem cell Antiaging Clinic

Introduces Before & After Clinic’s Stem-cell Antiaging Clinic

About Stem Cell

Stem cells have the ability to differentiate one cell into another and also regenerate damaged tissue under the right conditions.
Using these capabilities, methods are being developed to treat degenerative and incurable diseases that are difficult to cure, or to delay aging.


Stem cell classification


Stem cells obtained from blastocysts among embryonic tissues grown after fertilization of sperm and eggs

Adult stem cells

Stem cells that supply new cells that replace dead tissue cells (due to external shocks, aging, etc.)

Induced pluripotent stem cells

Cells that have grown to other organs through artificial stimulation, such as injecting genes that cause dedifferentiation into already-grown somatic cells

B&A stem cell procedure

It is a method of using adult stem cells extracted from your own fat, blood and bone marrow. It is injected the body to regenerate damaged cells and act as antioxidant for body recovery and anti-aging. It also increases the rate of engraftment of fat during transplantation.

Effects of B & A stem cells

Wound recovery

Recover spots of damaged tissue cells into normal cells to recover wound and enhance cosmetic procedure effect

Homing effect

Stem cells injected into the body find the wounded areas by itself and treat them

Vessel regeneration

Improve blood circulation and the rate of engraftment of fat transplantation by regenerating damaged blood vessels

Vital maintenance

Improve the tissues needed to maintain biological function

Immunity enhancement

Strengthen the immune system through the regeneration of immune system

Types of B&A stem cell procedure


1. Stem cell anti-aging injection

The injection of autologous adipose tissue-derived stem cells extracts the stem cells from the obtained fats and then concentrates them directly into the blood vessels without culture. The entire process of fat collection, stem cell extraction and vascular injection is performed at once, and daily life is possible immediately after the procedure. The autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells are injected into the body after proliferation of stem cells through 4 weeks of culture after extracting their own bone marrow. The proliferated 100 million stem cells show innovative results in the treatment of our body’s immune, anti-aging, and disease treatments.

Stem cells created through these methods circulate throughout the body via intravascular injections, regenerating and strengthening blood vessels, inhibiting inflammation, and strengthening immunity. In addition to delaying aging, it is also effective for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension, diabetes hyperlipemia, etc. autoimmune diseases such as atopy and rheumatoid arthritis and intractable diseases such as stroke and dementia.

In case of men, the blood vessels become narrow and weak due to age, smoking, drinking, diabetes, and high blood pressure, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Stem cells can regenerate and strengthen damaged blood vessels, which are the main causes of erectile dysfunction, to restore their erectile strength in their youth. In the case of women, the secretion of female hormones has decreased since the menopause, resulting in vaginal dryness. As a result, dyspareunia can cause insensitivity. Stem cells increase the secretion of the vaginal fluid, reducing dyspareunia and improving the sexual pleasure.

2. Stem cell fat grafting

Stem cell fat grafting have a higher rate of engraftment than traditional fat methods, as they are transplanted with fat cells.

Strength of B&A stem cell fat grafting

Abundant know-how in the procedure

High rate of fat engraftment

Top level equipment

Customized procedure

Excellent cosmetic procedure effect

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